Cyclists & Playing Frogger for Real

Cyclists … some couriers would say they’re the worst thing on the road.

Which brings me to recommend all drivers watch the above trailer for a video called ‘Line of Sight’.

If you want to see what it’s like to play a live game of ‘frogger‘ on a bike with only one life, check out Line Of Sight.Mat Hoffman
They say it’s a fast growing phenomenon and it’s coming to a city street near you.

It features bike messengers competing in cross city races and it’s scary if you have to drive city streets as much as we do.

Screaming tyres, broken wing mirrors, riding the wrong way up one way streets. Great stuff for adrenaline junkies but a bit different if you’re quietly driving through town, turn a corner and WHAM! a massive hoard of cyclists come out of nowhere.

Most everyday cyclists are just trying to get to their destination, the same as us. Some get their kicks on the Street Velodrome. This lot are a little different.

Happily I have to admit I’ve never heard of, seen or come across this over the ten years it’s been running. Hopefully, when I do I’ll be on foot and not driving and towing an 18ft trailer.

This is bike riding like you’ve never seen before, in gripping first-person perspective through the most hectic city streets, on expressways in Mexico City, over the frozen Charles River, under the Mediterranean Sea, across the Great Wall of China and deep into the jungles of Guatemala

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