Street Velodrome Track Deliveries

Saw the Right Now Deliveries team successfully deliver the Street Velodrome track to cities all over the UK.

It involved a series of 4×4’s hauling a mix of trailers from Essex to Stevenage, Ealing, Harrogate, Stockton, Paisley in Glasgow and finally to London’s Broadgate for the super final.

Multiple vehicle pick-ups and hook-ups could take a while and the journeys involved early mornings, late nights, overnight stays and a lot of miles, but the trailer guys pulled it off in grand style.

Unfortunately time constraints, long days and tiredness prevented the trailer guys from getting on their bike and taking the glory.

Street Velodrome allows the public to challenge professionals in the only cycling event of its kind

The competition itself grew in popularity as word spread among cycling fans and we were all very impressed with how smoothly things were run.

The video above features the Sport Pursuit Street Velodrome Series final in London, were Olympic track medallist Ross and mountain biker Lee head for a close finish.

Richard, we are very pleased to be in our second year having you deliver our pop up StreetVelodrome track to our series and other events around the country, from London to Glasgow and even over to Northern Ireland.Well done guys, Carl (

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